EXPLORE @ Diani Race Rules and Regulations

The Explore Race will be challenging yet attainable for a variety of adventure types ranging from avid adventurers through to newcomers giving it a go for the first time.

Race format includes:

  • Teams of 4 people who complete the whole course together.
  • Disciplines include but are not limited to: Jet Skis, Ngalawa Race and a Boat making challenge, plus some additional Explorer surprises where you navigate from one transition area (TA) to the next, collecting as many check points along the way as you can
  • Each discipline will need to be completed prior to transitioning to the next discipline with no single leg being too difficult.
  • The exact event details will not be advised until the competitor briefing and checklists are handed out the morning  during registration on Day 1
  • The Adventure Race will engage teams in several thrilling experiences set in some stunning locations along Diani Beach.
    The following points help explain the course and form part of the rules:
  • Teams must complete each task in sequential order (unless specified otherwise) before reaching the next activity area
  • Teams (team captains) MUST check in and check out with race staff at all assigned check points.
  • All Check points will be manned by race staff and your times/order of finish or level of completion will be recorded.
  • If a team decides to withdraw from the race they MUST do this only at a manned check point and only after advising a race official.
    The Team

The Explore Adventure Race is a competition for teams 4 members.

  • The team must have an appointed leader – Team Captain who will be the interface with the organisation.
  • He /She will receive information, instructions and will be notified about any kind of decision taken by the organisation.
  • He/She will advise the organisation of matters such as withdrawal of a team member, or the entire team, or be the spokesman for any complaints or protests.
  • He/She is also responsible overall for the entire teams safety and wellbeing.
  • Race Rules and Regulations
  • The various regulations and requirements listed in this document and the event handbook or notes (handed out on the event day) also form part of the race rules for the event, in addition to the following:
  • Prior to competing in the event, participants must read and sign the Participant Indemnity
  • All members of the team must do and pass the pass all the assessment exercises – where relevant
  • Attendance at the race briefing is mandatory for all team members.
  • You should have finished all your tasks by the time you do the last challenge so as to hand over your task sheet at the final check point.
  • At all times during the event (unless when team members are required to compete in an individual discipline) participants are to be within 50 metres of all other team mates, ensuring that each participant is continually observed by their team-mates. Penalty for non-compliance –  3 mins.
  • Team members must during all event activities wear their race numbers or clothing assigned for team identification.
  • Cut-off times will be advised as part of the race handbook/notes. These cut-off times will be strictly enforced to ensure the safety of the event. The race organisers reserve the right to change these cut off times as they see fit and this may be dependent on weather conditions.
  • All teams are permitted to lodge protests through their leader against results or decisions enforced during the event. A judging panel of three Explore Directors (including the relevant leg director) will adjudicate on all protests and other contentious matters, and their decision will be final.  Protests must be lodged within 3 hours of the activity completion.
  • Explore has sole discretion to alter or amend the race format or the rules in order to increase the safety of participants or for any other reason deemed appropriate.
  • Support crews may only assist teams in transition areas
  • If one team member withdraws from the event, the remaining team members may continue in the event but they will become “unranked” in the official results

Health and Safety

  • We recommend all competitors hold current health insurance via a private health fund or some form of ambulance cover. Competitors are required to provide full disclosure to the organisers of any health issues that may require specific attention in case of emergency at the time of registration.
  • The organisers will provide relevant safety equipment for the various tasks assigned. It is mandatory for participants  to wear this equipment for the duration of the relevant activity.
  • If a team member is injured or in difficulty please call race management. Phone numbers are on back of race guide and place these key numbers(0722374484, 0722344885) in your phone

For specific activities related to EXPLORE DIANI

  • Teams will be allocated a Ngalawa boat and crew on the basis of a draw which will be conducted immediately prior to the start of this activity.
  • Members will use only the materials provided to make a boat without external support, unless someone is allocated to assist the team by the organizers.

The team will choose one

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